Anzac Day

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Grade 3 have been learning a lot about why we celebrate ANZAC Day.Here is a great video that explains it well.
Each grade rotated through a variety of activities-making a slouch hat, red poppies and comparing a digger’s uniform to a modern day soldier’s uniform.


Did you visit a special place on ANZAC DAY?

How did you celebrate this special day?

Didgeridoo Fun

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Hi everyone,

Our grade three’s have been learning about Aboriginal history and last week we were very lucky to have Shylo’s nan come in to show us a real didgeridoo. She explained a lot of things about them and the children listened to a CD that had the music of a didgeridoo on it. It was truly amazing. The paintings on it were very colourful and interesting. Most of them were made from Stringy bark trees that had been hollowed out by termites.

She also showed us a rain maker stick that sounded like real rain when you turned it upside down.The aboriginal used it to ask the rain spirits to bring rain. They would use it in a rain dance ceremony. I wonder if it would work here in Gisborne? We could really use some rain!

Did you try to blow into a cardboard tube at home to see if you could make it sound like a didgeridoo?

What things did they use to make the rain sound in the rainstick?   

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