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The Grade 3 blog is going to be an important part of 2012. It is therefore important that we encourage all children to be safe while they are online.

Here are some simple safety rules to follow;

– When commenting on the blog, both children and parents should NEVER include their surnames or other personal details such as their address and phone number.
– Assume what you publish on the web is permanent.
– Keep blogs positive.
– Please try to proofread your child’s comments before they submit them.

Children’s first names, work and photos of themselves will be included on the class blog if the child has parental permission. Please see us if you are concerned.

All comments written by anyone commenting on the grade 3A blog are moderated by Mrs Frame. At school we have started learning about Cyber Safety.
The following websites will help you to further discuss this issue with your child.

This is a website that will test just how smart you are when you’re on the internet. It also has some really important information about what to do if you think you are being bullied online.

This is another good site for kids to check out. It’s all about cyber safety.

This site is a good one for mum or dad. It helps them understand the rules and regulations about being safe online


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